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Coming soon… 15 Steps to Crush Your Next Job Interview! - June, 2024

Most Recent Workshop - Find a Better Job Using 3 Essential Job Search Strategies - Apr 1, 2024

My Invincible Job Search Workshop helps you create a more effective plan to search for your next great job using strategies and techniques that only the most successful people use.

​You'll feel confident and in control while everyone else is:

  • Blasting their resumes to hundreds of employers (i.e., "spraying and praying").
  • Being ghosted by hiring managers and recruiters.
  • ​Feeling worried about never finding the right job for them.

Trust matters when signing up for a workshop like this, so please research me (Larry Cornett), read my testimonials, and check out my LinkedIn

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Larry Cornett

Larry Cornett

I’m Dr. Larry Cornett, a leadership coach and career advisor at Invincible Career® in Northern California. I help you become an opportunity magnet for the best things in life!

I often work with people confidentially to help them create a personalized career plan that removes any vulnerabilities which may be holding them back at work. The goal is to help you transition to a bigger and better career and life with my guidance, support, and accountability.

I spent more than two decades in Silicon Valley Tech launching new businesses, products, and services (check out my LinkedIn profile). Over 13 years ago, I redefined my corporate career to reclaim my freedom, health, and life. I want to help other ambitious people do the same!

You can also check out my testimonials and recommendations.

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