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Reviews of the podcast

"I’m extremely grateful of the perspective and insight Dr. Cornett shares in his Invincible Career podcast. Even as a young professional still in my 20’s, I can apply and relate much of his content to my own experiences thus far, as well as my own 'career journey' in progress.
It’s obvious that Dr. Cornett knows what he’s talking about, having climbed the corporate career ladder at many of the largest and esteemed tech companies as well as reinventing himself by developing new skills, creating entrepreneurial opportunities, and embracing modern work-from-home culture. Larry gives realistic and necessary hindsight from his own experiences that many of us need to be reminded of – like ways to be less vulnerable in your career, how to mold our career around our values and personal priorities (instead of the other way around), and how to make the most of finite time and opportunity. Unlike the many who are stuck in the past, Larry is a forward thinker who is passionate about keeping his finger on the pulse of modern work and constantly discusses ways in which he can add value to the lives and careers of his listeners."
— Benjamin Carvalho

"This podcast does an incredible job helping you challenge yourself and find your career path! Love how Larry interviews a variety of people with interesting stories of getting to where they are now. Each episode offers a fresh perspective and new ideas to consider. Highly recommend if you're feeling stuck and thinking about what's next in your career pathl"
— Supporti CEO

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