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Masterminds that provide group coaching, accountability, support, and advice to help you achieve your professional goals.

The masterminds are based on key themes and the needs of our community such as general career development, management support, leadership development, remote work, job search, career change, entrepreneurship, and retirement.

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Courses that help you create an Invincible Career® so that you become an opportunity magnet for the best things in life!

Our career-focused courses enable you to become more effective in your daily work, networking, resume writing, job search, professional development, career growth, long-term goals, and more.

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Leadership coaches and Career advisors that can help you achieve your long-term professional and personal goals.

Do you feel stuck? Ready for a change? We work with you confidentially to create a personalized plan to transition to a bigger and better career and life with our guidance, feedback, support, and accountability.

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Get the advice, coaching, guidance, and support you need to take control of your career! We provide a variety of services to our clients, including:

  • Q&A calls to discuss any professional issues you want
  • Career Advisor package create a strategic plan
  • Leadership Coaching package to reach your full potential
  • Interview Preparation and Practice to nail your next job interview
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Man with tape over mouth

How to Stop Rambling in Conversations and Interviews

By Invincible Career | March 19, 2021

Did you know that people lose interest in your conversation if you talk longer than 40 seconds uninterrupted? To make matters worse, our bodies release dopamine when we talk about ourselves. The more we talk — and hear ourselves talk — the better we feel, so the more we talk.

Irene Au

Irene Au, Operating Partner at Khosla Ventures

By Larry Cornett | March 19, 2021

Irene Au. Irene is currently an Operating Partner with Khosla Ventures, where she works with portfolio companies to make their design great. She has also been one of the most successful Design Leaders that I’ve known in Silicon Valley.

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Thoughts on Writing

By Larry Cornett | March 18, 2021

When you feel upset, frustrated, or angry about an issue, use that passion to fuel your writing. Open your laptop and spill the words out onto the page.

Irene Au

Invincible Career podcast transcript: Career Success with Irene Au, Operating Partner at Khosla Ventures – Issue #259

By Larry Cornett | March 17, 2021

Please enjoy this podcast transcript of my interview with Irene Au, Operating Partner at Khosla Ventures. We discussed her career path and what helped her become a successful design leader

Question: My manager is taking my ideas

By Larry Cornett | November 14, 2020

Anonymous Question “What do I do when I realize my manager might be claiming my ideas, thought framework, proposals, as his, when he talks to his manager?“ My Thoughts I have so many questions. How did you find out? What’s the context of that conversation he’s having with his manager?A few thoughts: First, it’s flattering,…

Question: How do I coach my female employee?

By Larry Cornett | November 8, 2020

Anonymous Question My Thoughts First, take gender and age out of your assessment of the situation. We all benefit from leadership coaching. ALL of us. Every single leader needs a trusted feedback loop and advice from an independent observer to continually improve. I desperately needed coaching when I was a new leader. I had terrible…