Decoupling the Premium Podcast from the Office Hour Newsletters


Going forward, they won’t be the same

Two paths into the forest

I’ve decided to decouple the premium weekly newsletters from the premium podcast episodes. The office hour newsletters will still go out every Monday morning. But, they will no longer have an audio component (most of you weren’t listening anyway).

I’ll be publishing the premium podcast episodes separately. This frees me up to use them for something unique and more valuable.

A few ideas I’m considering:

  • Answering questions you send me each week. For example, in this episode I answered the question, “How do I manage up?

  • My raw, unfiltered thoughts about what’s going on that week.

  • Hot seat sessions (e.g., practicing job interviews with subscribers).

  • Conversations with some of you!

Thoughts? Don’t be shy! Let me know what you’d like to hear.

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