How do you prevent ghosting?

“What can companies do to ensure they get ghosted less during the interview process?”

I was recently asked this question.

My answer:

Ghosting has become a vicious cycle. Job candidates are frequently ghosted by many employers and recruiters. In turn, some candidates will then ghost companies during the interview process.

We have to break the chain if we want it all to stop.

Companies can take steps to help reduce ghosting in the meantime:

1. Keep the overall interview process short. The longer it drags on, the more likely candidates become frustrated, start talking with other companies, and disappear.

2. Build a personal relationship with candidates and show that you really care about helping them succeed and land a great offer.

3. Communicate frequently. Don’t let days or weeks go by without talking with candidates in the process.

4. Ensure that your offers are strongly competitive in the market. Candidates don’t ghost on amazing opportunities.

5. Develop a reputation in the industry for being a company that delivers a great candidate experience and an even better employee experience. Why would someone ghost a company like that?